“To be able to see photos of my child and a story about what they have learnt during the day while I am away from them is priceless. It makes me feel so good about the decision to send my child to child care”. Nikki

“It makes me feel very comfortable to see the same familiar faces each day when dropping off my son. The girls are always able to tell me what he has done for the day and how he was. If his regular teacher is away there is always someone able to tell me about his day. He loves his teachers and is very happy at daycare”. Juanita

“Thank you so much for providing our children with a great facility… you have made it safe and secure enough for us to keep our children in school! I know other daycares haven’t invested in these extra measures. We greatly appreciate it and have been bragging about your Centre and it’s management”. Sally

“I highly recommend First Steps Learning Academy because the staff there are absolutely fantastic. They are friendly, happy, consistent, helpful, educated just to name a few of their strengths”. Isabel

“It’s normal for parents to feel apprehensive, nervous, and even scared when trying to decide where and who can you trust to look after your child /children. And that’s how I felt…… from the very first time I met the Educators at First Steps Learning Academy I felt completely reassured and confident that my little one was going to be in good hands”. Aroush

” highly recommend making that phone call and booking in a Tour with them”. Megan

“It’s so great to see both my kids settling into school so easily and becoming part of your family. This is a direct result of your team’s constant efforts and hard work! You have an amazing team”. Prad

“I am pleased to say that both my children are happy to come to school every day. My baby boy is happy to jump into his Educators’ hands most mornings at drop off. It’s a very big relief to us parents as happy and confident kids mean they are getting a good care at the Centre”. Mansi